Drain Nation - Which apps drain our batteries the most?

Poor battery life is the biggest bugbear for smartphone users the world over. Although battery sizes are getting bigger, most mobiles still struggle to get through one day of heavy usage without getting low on power. And considering all the demands we put on our devices, it’s hardly surprising.

But, what really drains the battery is the apps your phone uses. And, more specifically, it’s the permissions these apps require in order to give you the best possible experience. This can be anything from accessing your camera, calendar or contacts to using your location or Wi-Fi.

And while this sounds scary, most apps need permissions in order to work properly. And for the most part, it makes total sense. Instagram needs to access the camera to let you post photos. And your Uber driver would struggle to find you without being able to access your location.

But which apps require the most permissions? We’ve looked at the top 50 most popular apps from the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store and Windows Apps to find out which apps take the biggest toll on your battery. And we’ve even broken it down to show you what permissions each app requires.

Take a look at our table to find out which apps are draining the nation’s batteries...

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Top 10 battery draining apps


Top 50 battery draining apps